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Age: early 20s

Ethnicity: East Asian

Body: chubby

Jin is a cute, chubby Korean girl. A bit too shy for my liking. She didn’t seem very sexually experienced, but pleasantly surprised me when she began gently fondling my jewels – that’s definitely not a rookie move.

Sex Rating: 1/5

She was just too shy for my taste. Probably wouldn’t bother booty calling her unless I was really, really desperate. In fact, exchanging numbers was a mistake. She blew up my phone with texts for a couple of weeks afterward.



Age: mid 40s

Ethnicity: white American

Body: bbw

Terry is an older bbw, and not particularly physically attractive in any aspect. Not sure why I went back with her to her hotel, but I suppose it was a combination of general horniness, curiosity (older woman), and her personality (quite a character).

This had to be one of the worst blowjobs I’ve ever received. I was constantly on edge (and not the good edge), worried that her seemingly serrated teeth would do serious harm to my beloved appendage. And you can forget about eating pussy. As soon as I pulled off her panties, my olfactory senses were bombarded with the obnoxious odor of smelly pussy. Feeling pot committed, I slapped on the condom (and briefly internally debated putting on a second condom), and pushed all in.

Thinking I’d have to close my eyes and imagine some much hotter woman in order to cum, I plunged in. Here’s where things took a surprising turn. Her pussy was crazy tight. By this point, there was nothing I found attractive about this woman and yet I was quickly climbing the ejaculation curve, despite some inebriation. I had to fight the urge to cum – usually that involves imagining some incredibly unsexy scene, like a Brazilian beach filled with fat grandmothers wearing thongs. In this case, all I had to do was open my eyes. But the iron grip of her pussy won the battle in a knockout. I don’t think I lasted even 2 minutes. For all you boxing fans, think Tyson vs. Spinks. Her pussy was Iron Mike and my cock was the hapless Michael Spinks.

Afterward, she wanted to go again, and by now, I was sufficiently intrigued that I wanted to go another round with what must have been the snuggest pussy I have ever encountered. But this is when she poured on the crazy. I don’t remember all the details of her pseudo-psychotic rambling, but scenes from Stephen King’s Misery flashed through my mind. Her likeness to Kathy Bates’ character didn’t help. I wanted to live to fuck another day, so I put on my clothes and got the hell out of there.

Sex Rating: 1/5

If not for her vise-like snatch, this would have rated a zero.


This is the same Jenny I wrote about here and here.

She lives nearby, so the booty calls are convenient for both of us. I mixed it up a little this time by breaking out the rope. 🙂

Interesting development – while we were chatting, she revealed that she is dating, not one guy, but TWO guys. One white, one black (yuppie, not ghetto). And texting me when she needs to be proper fucked. Like I they say, once you go brown, you will always be down!

Sex Rating: 4/5

As always, she brings it.


Age: early 30s

Ethnicity: white American

Body: curvy

Tracey is tall with a curvy figure that sweeps in from her big (fake, but magnificent) tits and then back out to her ample, but not flabby, butt. I spent plenty of time caressing that butt through her tight pants before getting up close and personal with that ass. She loves to suck cock, and I love to have my cock sucked, and that’s match enough for me. After her solo on my skin flute, I got down to munching, licking that pussy from behind and then flipping her over so I could really feast. She loved it doggystyle, and with that ass, so did I.

The only downside was that her very recent “ex-boyfriend” called every 5 minutes. Since the guy was a raving lunatic, she refused to turn the phone off just in case the guy showed up at her door (we were at her place).

Sex Rating: 3/5

If not for the ex blowing up her phone, this experience would have been a 4, at least. I might have to try again, after some time has passed and this ex-boyfriend situation settled.


Age: mid 20s

Ethnicity: white American

Body: slender

June is a beautiful woman, with a pretty face, and a slender, slightly taller than average frame. No real tits to speak of, but as noted before, I’m not a breast man. So let’s talk about her ass. For a slender girl, she’s got quite the perky butt. And I could not keep my mitts off of her buns.

This is the second time I’ve been with June. The first time, she had to finish me off with her hands because she just couldn’t take anymore penetration. To be fair to me, we hadn’t been going at it very long, so I wasn’t really sure what the problem was; maybe her last lover was small? Or a sexual stamina issue? In any case, it was great to see her again.

After some rough making out, I bound her hands behind her back, and forced her down to her knees, whereupon I released the trouser snake and guided it toward her eager mouth. Facefucking ensued (she was new to this, so I was gentle). Next, I threw her on the bed and proceeded to put her in restraints and slipped on a blindfold. With her at my mercy, I subjected her to torturous teasing, using among other things, my tongue. Before continuing, I should note that this girl’s pussy was delicious – I could have been munching until my tongue seized up were it not for my cock clamoring to get into the action. With my cock hard enough to hammer stakes into the ground, I pounded her, while she was bound, until I came with such force that I thought I might have ejaculated a kidney.

Afterward, we took a break and chatted for a while. I quite enjoyed talking with her, as she is reasonably intelligent and quite passionate. Just when I was thinking that I might want to be more than just a FWB with this girl, lo and behold, it turns out she’s living with her boyfriend, and has been for a couple of years. I’m not one to judge, though the guy is an idiot to be neglecting such a catch. And given her current circumstances, she can’t leave him. Oh well. On to round two.

After she coaxed my baby penis to its full grown cockiness, I flipped her over onto her belly, and dove (little)headfirst into her warm, wet, lovebox. Pulling her hair and biting her neck (but not as hard as I would have preferred, given she has to go back to her bf), I pumped her pussy full of cum – ok, not really . . . fucking condoms – can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

Sex Rating: 5/5

Simply a great experience. She rebounded from our first time together and showed great sexual stamina. And she was quite adventurous, allowing me to do things she’d never done before (bondage). All that combined with intelligence and a tasty pussy . . . sign me up for more of that! Unfortunately, given her living arrangement, it may be a while before we get together again.



I get a booty call from Jenny, and being the gentleman that I am, I saved the damsel in distress.

I mentioned before that she is a great kisser, and nothing has changed since our last session. She does a skillful job of playing my skin flute, and I reward her by breaking out one of my favorite toys. Within several minutes, my sheets are soaked as the juices gush out of her pussy. After giving her a vigorous rogering, complete with a cum-in-mouth finish, we collapse on the bed.

We chat and chill, and I decide I’m in the mood for a handjob (side note: a woman’s hands on my cock is one of the simple, but great, pleasures of life). I have her dip into the Boy Butter (good stuff, btw), and like a snake charmer, she brings my python out of hiding. She gets me up to full staff, and then begins to pump the howitzer with both hands. I’m thinking about how amazing this feels – a thought process that is interrupted only by the idea that it would be nice to capture this moment on video (yeah, me luvs a skillful handjob). It isn’t long before pop goes the weasel.

Sex Rating: 4/5

Our sexual chemistry is quite good, and Jenny’s confidence is sexy. She is enamored with my cock and doesn’t hesitate to tell me all about it – she must know there is no faster way to the soft spot in my heart.


Age: early 30s

Ethnicity: white American

Body: curvy

Danika is pretty, girly, curvy and man oh man is she sexy. Multi-orgasmic to boot. After she warmed me up with her mouth, I returned the favor and dove tongue first toward her lower lips. A couple of orgasms later, it was time for the main course, so I strapped on a condom, over the usual protestations of the one-eyed lizard, and fucked her six ways till Sunday. As I was pounding her from behind, she looked over her shoulder at me and purred, “I want you to cum in my mouth.” Who could argue with such an obviously brilliant idea? Just as I felt myself going over the edge, in one fluid move, I pulled out, pulled off, and pulled up just in time to deliver my swimmers to the back of her throat.

Sex Rating: 4/5

Danika was lots of fun. Definitely going to try and see her again.