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November 17, 2010

Age: early 30s

Ethnicity: white, Eastern European

Body: athletic

Anita is an ex-girlfriend. Like many of her Slavic sisters, Anita has a figure that most women would kill for – tall, slender and athletic. And her ass shaking is mesmerizing; she has conclusively demonstrated that you don’t have to be black or have a volkswagon stuffed into your jeans to shake dat ass. Wait – why did I break up with her again?

Anyway, so we’re still good friends and she came over to hang out one afternoon. She was feeling horny and was about to go on a date that evening. Sorry dude, I wasn’t looking to cockblock, but seriously, a girl can’t tell me she’s horny and not expect me to do something about it. Three orgasms later (without whipping out the spitting cobra!), she figured I deserved a reward. Considering the severe case of blue balls I was developing after watching her writhing naked on my bed, I happily accepted said reward, which came in the form of oral ministrations to my throbbing fleshpole.

Sex rating: 3/5

Even without penetrative sex, this gets a 3, though her oral skills could use some improvement. Nice of her to text me to tell me her legs were still shaking when she walked out of my building. Sex was never the problem for us.  :sigh:


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