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November 14, 2010

Age: early 30s

Ethnicity: white, JAP

Body: average

Laura is cute and petite with surprisingly large fun bags for her frame. Unfortunately she is way too sexually inhibited. Anal was out, and that’s fine, plenty of women aren’t into anal, but to be grossed out by spitting, as in a girl spitting on a cock while giving a BJ (we were watching a little porn and she reacted negatively to that sight) is a bit prudish, in my not-so-humble opinion. Great sex is hot, sweaty, and messy. She even balked when I indicated she should stroke my cock during a break from the ol’ in-out. Seriously? I had to put my foot down there. Needless to say at this point, she wasn’t interested in playing with any of my toys.

But I digress. Despite her rigidity, she enjoyed the deep, forceful pounding I submitted her to. And all the positive comments lavished on my pork sword didn’t hurt (most guys may not admit it, but we LOVE you complimenting our cocks – do that and fix him a sandwich after sex, and any man can be yours).

Sex Rating: 2/5

A little too sexually conservative for my taste. Actually it wasn’t that she was conservative, but that she was unwilling to inch outside her very narrowly circumscribed boundaries. And she never fixed me the aforementioned sandwich.


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