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October 23, 2010

Age: late 20s

Ethnicity: white American

Body: bbw

Audrey is taller than average and is a bbw with ginormous titties and a big ass. She has a very pretty face, and if she lost the excess weight, she would be gorgeously voluptuous. Why women do this to themselves, I’ll never know. But she’s still youthful enough that the extra weight is held together well.

As mentioned before, I am not a breast man, but Audrey’s tits are worth reflecting on. These things make double-Ds look like a 10yr old boy’s pecs. When I removed the twin canopies otherwise known as her bra, I fully expected her mammaries to nose dive to her waist. Much to my surprise and delight, not to mention the hydraulic activity in my crotch, her boobs remained bouyant, in a big, if somewhat temporary,  ‘fuck you’ to gravity. I had fun playing with these flesh mountains – they simply demanded attention, even from a devout ass man.

What is it about big girls and tight pussies? Audrey’s love canal is as snug as some girls’ assholes. My soldier made a valiant stand, but there was only so much he could do when faced with that kind of pressure. Unfortunately, between general exhaustion, alcohol and the much-hated-but-necessary latex, a second round was not in the cards.

Sex Rating: 3/5

Mostly I wish I lasted longer, but it looks like she enjoyed the experience enough that I’ll get another opportunity.


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