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October 7, 2010

I saw Danika again. She came over wearing a raincoat, which opened to reveal a sexy little negligee. Yum! I pushed her down to her knees for some facefucking (yum for her!). Once we got to the bed, I lapped up the juices dripping from her pussy. Later, as I was drilling her snatch, she informed me that she would like a facial if I didn’t mind. Hmmm, lemme think about that . . . no, I don’t mind. Her puss felt so good I almost forgot, but at the last second pulled out, whipped off the hat, and delivered several ropes to various parts of her face (avoiding the eyes cuz I’m a gentleman like that) with precision that would have impressed the Pentagon. Looking down at her contented, jizz-coated face, I remembered the millions of starving children all over the world and decided that this was a waste of perfectly good protein. Using my fingers, I began feeding her the baby batter. Like the greedy little cumslut she is, she licked my fingers clean.

With my cock on a refractory timeout, I pulled out one of my toys and got to work on her pretty pussy. I knew from last time that she is readily multi-orgasmic, but that didn’t prepare me for this – she had a continuous/rolling orgasm for something on the order of 10-15 minutes. This woman was built for sex. Once Cyclops was awake, I suited him up, rolled her onto her belly, got on top of her and pressed closely against her while humping her from behind. At this point, we were both more than merely glistening with sweat, and the sweaty skin on skin sensation was highly erotic.

Sex Rating: 5/5

She’s sexy, fun, adventurous and is an unrepentant cumslut. Doesn’t get much better than that, does it?


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