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September 9, 2010

Age: early 30s

Ethnicity: white American

Body: curvy

Danika is pretty, girly, curvy and man oh man is she sexy. Multi-orgasmic to boot. After she warmed me up with her mouth, I returned the favor and dove tongue first toward her lower lips. A couple of orgasms later, it was time for the main course, so I strapped on a condom, over the usual protestations of the one-eyed lizard, and fucked her six ways till Sunday. As I was pounding her from behind, she looked over her shoulder at me and purred, “I want you to cum in my mouth.” Who could argue with such an obviously brilliant idea? Just as I felt myself going over the edge, in one fluid move, I pulled out, pulled off, and pulled up just in time to deliver my swimmers to the back of her throat.

Sex Rating: 4/5

Danika was lots of fun. Definitely going to try and see her again.


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