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Seeing some of my favorites

I’ve been seeing some of my favorite girls in January.

I think I’m going to skip posting about sessions with girls I’ve already posted about. It just takes too much time. So I’ll only be posting about new girls.



Age: early 20s

Ethnicity: JAP

Body: bbw

Jill is another one of those BBWs that you think could be beautiful without all the excess weight. Tis a shame.

Ugh. Where to begin. She was annoying the shit out of me with all her yapping before and after fucking and I thought about gagging her, but that would have just freaked her out. And that SMELL. Good Lord, woman! Why would you come home with a man when you know your pussy smells noxious enough to be considered a WMD? Seriously, I get that you had a busy day and maybe it was that time of the month, but couldn’t you just tell me that you have to get up early the next day and exchange numbers and meet up with me another time?

Suffice it to say that I didn’t bring my tongue anywhere near ground zero.

Sex Rating: 1/5


Age: early 30s

Ethnicity: white, Eastern European

Body: athletic

Anita is an ex-girlfriend. Like many of her Slavic sisters, Anita has a figure that most women would kill for – tall, slender and athletic. And her ass shaking is mesmerizing; she has conclusively demonstrated that you don’t have to be black or have a volkswagon stuffed into your jeans to shake dat ass. Wait – why did I break up with her again?

Anyway, so we’re still good friends and she came over to hang out one afternoon. She was feeling horny and was about to go on a date that evening. Sorry dude, I wasn’t looking to cockblock, but seriously, a girl can’t tell me she’s horny and not expect me to do something about it. Three orgasms later (without whipping out the spitting cobra!), she figured I deserved a reward. Considering the severe case of blue balls I was developing after watching her writhing naked on my bed, I happily accepted said reward, which came in the form of oral ministrations to my throbbing fleshpole.

Sex rating: 3/5

Even without penetrative sex, this gets a 3, though her oral skills could use some improvement. Nice of her to text me to tell me her legs were still shaking when she walked out of my building. Sex was never the problem for us.  :sigh:


Age: early 30s

Ethnicity: white, JAP

Body: average

Laura is cute and petite with surprisingly large fun bags for her frame. Unfortunately she is way too sexually inhibited. Anal was out, and that’s fine, plenty of women aren’t into anal, but to be grossed out by spitting, as in a girl spitting on a cock while giving a BJ (we were watching a little porn and she reacted negatively to that sight) is a bit prudish, in my not-so-humble opinion. Great sex is hot, sweaty, and messy. She even balked when I indicated she should stroke my cock during a break from the ol’ in-out. Seriously? I had to put my foot down there. Needless to say at this point, she wasn’t interested in playing with any of my toys.

But I digress. Despite her rigidity, she enjoyed the deep, forceful pounding I submitted her to. And all the positive comments lavished on my pork sword didn’t hurt (most guys may not admit it, but we LOVE you complimenting our cocks – do that and fix him a sandwich after sex, and any man can be yours).

Sex Rating: 2/5

A little too sexually conservative for my taste. Actually it wasn’t that she was conservative, but that she was unwilling to inch outside her very narrowly circumscribed boundaries. And she never fixed me the aforementioned sandwich.

Taking a break

I took a short break from hedonistic pursuits, but the siren call of pussy was too strong for me to resist.


Age: late 20s

Ethnicity: white American

Body: bbw

Audrey is taller than average and is a bbw with ginormous titties and a big ass. She has a very pretty face, and if she lost the excess weight, she would be gorgeously voluptuous. Why women do this to themselves, I’ll never know. But she’s still youthful enough that the extra weight is held together well.

As mentioned before, I am not a breast man, but Audrey’s tits are worth reflecting on. These things make double-Ds look like a 10yr old boy’s pecs. When I removed the twin canopies otherwise known as her bra, I fully expected her mammaries to nose dive to her waist. Much to my surprise and delight, not to mention the hydraulic activity in my crotch, her boobs remained bouyant, in a big, if somewhat temporary,  ‘fuck you’ to gravity. I had fun playing with these flesh mountains – they simply demanded attention, even from a devout ass man.

What is it about big girls and tight pussies? Audrey’s love canal is as snug as some girls’ assholes. My soldier made a valiant stand, but there was only so much he could do when faced with that kind of pressure. Unfortunately, between general exhaustion, alcohol and the much-hated-but-necessary latex, a second round was not in the cards.

Sex Rating: 3/5

Mostly I wish I lasted longer, but it looks like she enjoyed the experience enough that I’ll get another opportunity.


I saw Danika again. She came over wearing a raincoat, which opened to reveal a sexy little negligee. Yum! I pushed her down to her knees for some facefucking (yum for her!). Once we got to the bed, I lapped up the juices dripping from her pussy. Later, as I was drilling her snatch, she informed me that she would like a facial if I didn’t mind. Hmmm, lemme think about that . . . no, I don’t mind. Her puss felt so good I almost forgot, but at the last second pulled out, whipped off the hat, and delivered several ropes to various parts of her face (avoiding the eyes cuz I’m a gentleman like that) with precision that would have impressed the Pentagon. Looking down at her contented, jizz-coated face, I remembered the millions of starving children all over the world and decided that this was a waste of perfectly good protein. Using my fingers, I began feeding her the baby batter. Like the greedy little cumslut she is, she licked my fingers clean.

With my cock on a refractory timeout, I pulled out one of my toys and got to work on her pretty pussy. I knew from last time that she is readily multi-orgasmic, but that didn’t prepare me for this – she had a continuous/rolling orgasm for something on the order of 10-15 minutes. This woman was built for sex. Once Cyclops was awake, I suited him up, rolled her onto her belly, got on top of her and pressed closely against her while humping her from behind. At this point, we were both more than merely glistening with sweat, and the sweaty skin on skin sensation was highly erotic.

Sex Rating: 5/5

She’s sexy, fun, adventurous and is an unrepentant cumslut. Doesn’t get much better than that, does it?